Seattle, and generally Washington state has the distinction of becoming in 2012 in the first state that legalized recreational marijuana in the United States. The sales of recreational marijuana near Seattle are in the first places in the country. Washington State had already legalized medical marijuana in 1998. Currently, cannabis is legal for any purpose in Washington.nbis and its various strains as narcotic drugs. Possession was punishable by 1 to 10 years in prison. Nevertheless, the law was rarely enforced because the use of marijuana was not very common in the state.


In the ’60s the cannabis use became more common everywhere, and Washington began relaxing its laws regarding marijuana. It was no longer considered a narcotic substance and being in possession of marijuana was only punishable if it was more than 40 grams. However, under both the State and Federal Controlled Substance Acts, marijuana remained a Schedule I Drug, since it was considered to have a “high potential for abuse.” Medical use and recreational marijuana in Seattle were not accepted yet.


It all began to change in 1979 when a man with multiple sclerosis appealed his conviction for drug marijuana possession on the basis of marijuana was necessary for the treatment of his medical condition. The Court of Appeals in Washington State admitted that medical defense can be justified, but circumstances are very specific.


Nevertheless, patients in need of medical marijuana weren’t able to legally get the substance. That’s when cannabis clubs and cooperatives began proliferating all over the country, especially during the 90s. Though they weren’t legal, these places were rarely a target for law enforcement.

It was in 1995 when a Cooperative in Washington became the first of these marijuana buyer clubs to be raided by the authorities. This place was providing marijuana to cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis patients. Though the owners were initially arrested, they were later released on the grounds that the raid had been illegal.


This action against a Washington cooperative led to a movement to reschedule marijuana as a Schedule II drug, or controlled substance that can be used for medical purposes. After years of fight and support by media and the general public, finally, Initiative 692 was passed in Washington, allowing medical doctors to recommend the use of marijuana to relieve the side effects of treatments for illnesses like AIDS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.


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Recreational Marijuana in Seattle and Washington; Finally Legal


Despite marijuana was still illegal on a federal level, the public in Washington State became very vocal about their support to the legalization of marijuana.


In 2010, two bills regarding cannabis were considered to be submitted by the House of Representatives in the State of Washington. These initiatives were aimed to decriminalize the possession of fewer than 40 grams of marijuana and allow the free commercialization of marijuana in places like liquor stores. These initiatives weren’t successful, but that doesn’t mean marijuana advocates stopped fighting and lobbying to make it legal.


Long story short, finally, in November 2012 a new initiative, Initiative 502 was finally passed, legalizing the use of marijuana for adults older than 21. This bill also allowed the production and regulation of marijuana and cannabis-derived products to be controlled by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.


Through this initiative to make recreational marijuana legal in Washington was opposed by the more conservative sectors, support was higher. Washington State made history, becoming the first state in the United States in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.


Recreational marijuana in Seattle became highly popular and it certainly attracts a lot of attention and customers, because Washington State is the second state in the country with the cheapest ounce of marijuana.


A cheap ounce of recreational marijuana in Seattle can range from US $30 to US $220, depending on the quality.


The ever supportive Washington State holds events like the Seattle Hempfest, since 2010. Other cities in the state hold similar events that promote the use of marijuana, a substance that every day is more surprising and shows more health benefits. Zips Cannabis has been involved with medical and recreational marijuana ain the Puget sound area since 2012 and continues to strive to be the best dispensaries in Washington State.