Medical and Recreational Marijuana Company Zips Cannabis Acquired the Lease Seattlemusical.Org Domain


Zips Cannabis, a private, medical, and recreational marijuana American company, founded in Seattle, Washington, which commercializes and distributes medical and recreational marijuana products acquired the domain


The acquisition of will help Zips Cannabis to expand its operations in the industry of medical and recreational marijuana. Zips Cannabis has been commercializing marijuana products, and it’s currently one of the companies with the best quality in medical and recreational marijuana products.


The merge with will allow Zip Cannabis to expand the extent of the distribution of their products.

Products commercialized by Zips Cannabis are made with the highest quality cannabis, include edibles like C4 Canna Burst | Berry Bomb Hybrid, created either by infusing cooking oil or butter with cannabis extract or by mixing extract directly into other ingredients. Other products commercialized by Zips Cannabis include vapers, marijuana wax, lip balms, marijuana pre-rolls, and also tinctures that can be added to different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


In fact, the acquisition of will be a positive addition for, who is very excited to connect and encourage other people in the cannabis community to lobby for cannabis laws that benefit medical patients, and healthy Americans, who wish to understand the properties of medical and recreational cannabinoids and use them for overall wellbeing and prevention of illnesses.


Medical and recreational marijuana users looking for cannabis-derived products including edibles should contact one of the account representatives at Zips Cannabis or visit one of the four different locations, so they can take part in the thriving industry that is bound to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the new decade.


The acquisition of will be very positive for Zips Cannabis because being part of a diversified investment instrument and having access to the public markets means a consolidation of operations through acquisitions, which will provide a great opportunity to quickly take advantage of this. Zips Cannabis wants to position itself as the leader in the marijuana industry, and at the same time, provide a good experience for customers and staff as it embarks on this exciting journey along with